Ethnic variations in dying, death, and grief: diversity in universiality Kev txawv txav ntawm ntau haiv neeg txog kev ploj kev tuag Category Icon

Includes chapter on Hmong practices related to death and dying.


  • Death -- Cross Cultural Studies
  • Terminal Care -- Cross Cultural Studies


Contents: Cross-cultural variation in the experience, expression, and understanding of grief / Paul C. Rosenblatt -- One woman's interracial journey / Vivian Jenkins Nelsen -- Personal reflections on death, grief, and cultural diversity / Kathleen F. Lundquist and Vivian Jenkins Nelsen -- Mourning and funeral customs of African Americans / Hosea L. Perry -- Mexican American perspectives related to death / Barbara Younoszai -- Hmong death customs: traditional and acculturated / Bruce Thowpaou Bliatout -- Native Americans: adapting, yet retaining / Martin Brokenleg and David Middleton -- To honor the dead and comfort the mourners: traditions in Judaism / Barry D. Cytron -- Death and dying in Buddhism / Ken and Nga Truitner -- Islamic customs regarding death / Farah Gilanshah -- Memorial services among Quakers and Unitarians / Donald P. Irish -- Reflections by professional practitioners / Donald P. Irish -- Conclusions / Donald P. Irish, Kathleen F. Lundquist and Vivian Jenkins Nelsen -- Ethnic population data and trends: United States and Canada / Donald P. Irish.
(cont) Questions that might be asked / Donald P. Irish -- Personal reflections on the African American experience / Juan L. Turner -- Personal reflections on the Hispanic experience / Marcial Vasquez.

xxii, 226 p. 1st. Ed.

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