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This Hmong language video interviewed numerous Hmong Doctors about cancer, what is, and how it affects the Hmong community. The video discusses about how an individual acquire cancer and why it is important for him or her to go see a doctor to check if he or she have cancer. It also discusses the actions that one should take to prevent getting cancer and the kind of treatments that are available for cancer.

Daim yeeb yaj kiab no yuav piav txog cancer, seb cancer yog dab tsi, muaj pes tsawg yam cancer, kev tiv thaiv cancer, thiab nws mob li cas rau peb haiv hmoob. Cov hmoob kws tshuaj yuav qhia seb ib tug neeg twg yuav muaj mob cancer li cas, thiab kev tseem ceeb ntawm txoj kev mus kuaj kws tshuaj seb yus tus kheej puas muaj mob cancer. Thiab nws yuv piav txog cov khoom uas kws tshuaj siv los kuaj cancer.

1 videocassette : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.

1 daim video kabxev : sd., col. ; 1/2

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